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For this project in Maida Vale, a young American family was looking to set up a comfortable family home, complemented by a wonderful garden. The brief required a casual look with good spaces for entertaining guests. 


"Sissi was amazing!  She listened to everything I said and reflected it in her choices.  She has a great talent for mixing expensive items you will keep forever with less expensive items you may swap out in the future.  She presents the whole room scheme in a very professional manner so you can see what she has in mind for the room in terms of layout and style.  She is not at all bothered if you don't like what she is proposing, and she very quickly comes back with other options.  All of the people with whom she works to supply curtains/cushions, install wallpaper, and create bespoke furniture are professional and deliver high quality.  She was wonderful when we were out shopping, and she is incredibly efficient and quick.  I was so relieved to work with a designer who was happy to get the job done and move on to the next client.  I never felt pressured with Sissi, and I recommend her 1000%. "


-Anne Marie Halsted

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